Garage Door Ottawa Safety Tips
Garage Door Ottawa

One of the heaviest items to move in a household is the 300 Ibs to 400 Ibs Garage Door(s).

This undoubtedly creates a safety concern that one should always be aware of. Small Children are especially vulnerable to injuries such as fingers caught in a door section as it is being closed, etc. Some garage doors malfunction by either opening and closing without your knowledge, which may cause a safety concern as it is left opening during the night, with you unaware till the next morning. Please consider and keep in mind these tips on a regular basis when dealing with your garage doors:

  • 1. Most Garage Door access (buttons) remotes contain a “Lock Door” option. Do so every night to prevent the doors from random malfunctioning and opening.
  • 2. While a door is being closed, no one should stand, run or walk within distance of it.
  • 3. Do not allow children to play near garage doors.
  • 4. Teach children to find adult assistance when in need of anything with regards to the garage doors.
  • 5. Be aware of the Emergency Release, and know how and when to use it.
  • 6. Insure to install the garage door button at least 5 feet from the ground, and in clear view of the actual Door, generally directly in front of it.
  • 7. Before clicking the button to open or close a garage door, be sure that you are able to see the door clearly.
  • 8. Consider replacing the opener if your garage doors are manufactured before January 1, 1993 because they lack a reversing feature. The reversing feature creates is a sensor that allows the garage door to re-open should there be something/someone under, while the door is being shut. This is a safety feature that should not be compromised.
  • 9. Visually inspect the garage door springs, rollers, pulleys, cables, and track on regular basis. Look for loose or worn parts.
  • 10. The Garage Door Springs, mounting brackets, cables and other hardware essentials attached to the garage doors are under high tension, and therefore you should not attempt maintenance.
  • 11. The homeowner should keep cautious when increasing the closing/opening force on a garage door opener

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